Live Sound Service!

Are you looking for a sound and production company that will work with you to bring your presentation to the next level? We at Groove Town Music are here to help. Let us do all the heavy work so you can concentrate on the music. We have many different packages to help you bring the "SHOW" to your wedding or corporate gigs.
Click the link Live Sound Service for more details.

Live Recording Samples!

Rio - We recorded this multitrack audio live in a banquet hall. The raw tracks were played back and the band were lip synching while the video was shot. The multitrack audio was then mixed and put in sync with the video to create the final product.
  • Link to: Rio Band's Website

  • David Johanns - We recorded this multitrack audio live at a gig. The video was shot live at the same time. Once the audio was mixed, it was put back in sync with the video to create the final product.
    Link to: David Johanns' Website

    Portable Multitrack Recording!

    Groove Town Music is proud to announce that we have now Expanded our Portable Recording Service again.
    "We can now record you live, in up to 24 Tracks!".
    In this service we take our portable recorders and all of our gear on the road to record you where ever you are. We now have 2 different services available, Live Recording & Full Multitrack Session Recording.
    Click the link Portable Multitrack Recording for more details.

    Our Latest Success!

    "Randy you were incredible!
    I wanted to publicly thank you for doing a great job on the stage but the countdown and the fireworks started. (The countdown was random but we hit right on the money with it!! We had just said by 10:00 and it was exactly 10 on my Blackberry when I went to the stage!!) Your production of the stage makes the event work!! You were exceptional at working with the musicians and their often times strange requests. I would be happy to recommend your services to other community associations in KW, we will be meeting with them all in the near future, and they certainly would do well using your expertise.
    Many Thanks"
    Gary Kirk on behalf of the Westvale Community and the Executive of the Association!